Going Vegan at Glasto

Well wow, what an insane weekend!

This weekend was my first ever visit to the biggest and best ever festival, the legendary Glastonbury. Despite trying for tickets for 7 years, I’ve been incredibly unsuccessful until now, but oh my golly gosh was it worth the wait!

A weekend filled with every delight imaginable, Glasto definitely surpassed all my expectations. Circus acts, 5am raves, transvestite shows, hilarious political propaganda, meditation classes, mosh pits, head banging, naked people, endless glitter, and of course, vegan food.

I had been told that Glastonbury is a proud supporter of environmental change, so I was excited to see how eco-friendly their food was, and I was not disappointed. There was so much to choose from! I was also so impressed at the salience of artistic pieces that were strewn all around the site to raise awareness of climate change. These ranged from huge stall faces covered from top to bottom in plastic bottles, to mountains of crushed cans compressed into neat stacks, to displays of heaps of barely-worn clothes from various different fashion phases to illustrate the consumerist mentality. It was so inspirational to see so much thought-provoking material on such a large scale, and it’s really reminded me of how important my environmental mission is, which has left me feeling newly enthused to evoke this kind of inspiration in others.


Despite the vastness of the site (it’s something akin to a large city), and the many, many miles we walked over the weekend, you never had to trek very far to encounter some great plant-based fuel. And somehow, despite the 250,000 people that attend the magical weekend, the stalls still manage to create mouth-wateringly fantastic food, packed full of flavour.


I would love to say I was together enough to take lots of photos of it all to show how you guys how incredible vegan food is. But truth be told, I wasn’t completely compos mentis for the best part of the weekend and probably couldn’t have told you what my name was, let alone coordinate myself enough to take photos! But here are the few shots I did manage to collect for you to drool over, whilst I go and curl up in a ball and cry over how amazing Foo Fighters were (again).


The Vegan Tacos by Club Mexicana had such great food – I had the beer battered cheeze fries smothered in vegan sour cream and hot sauce, which were off-the-chart good! For anyone that’s tried Maccy’s mozerella cheese sticks, they were essentially giant crispy vegan versions of those. I also tried their BBQ pulled jackfruit burrito, which has a very similar taste and consistency to pulled pork. They have a few restaurants in London (Camden, Dalston and Shoreditch), so if you’re ever in the area, go check them out!






There was also an entire stall dedicated to avocados, and as my friend had never tried avo on toast, it had to be purchased. (I must admit there were two slices and a lot more avocado on this plate than depicted here, but I was pretty intoxicated and couldn’t resist wolfing it down).



The Blubird Tea Co. were serving a wonderful variety of Matcha drinks this weekend. I tried their Matcha and Vanilla Iced Chai, made with oat milk, which was so good, and really gave me that necessary boost of energy for the day. The staff were also super sweet and were giving away ‘High on Chai’ tote bags with some free tea samples in, which I can’t wait to try!

I also ate from Ghandi’s Flip-Flop, which had a ridiculously long queue, but boy oh boy, it was worth it. They served the most incredible vegan korma with aubergine, peppers and cashews, served with a chapatti (the serving sizes were my kind of servings as well). I also found a place selling vegan smoothies (made with almond milk), and had a great revitalising super green smoothie, made with mango, coconut, spirulina, spinach, and pineapple, which was simply divine.

So I must say Glastonbury food traders, you truly outdid yourselves with the quality and quantity of vegan food you fed us, I feel like my plant-based bangers and mash tonight doesn’t quite compare. Until next time Glasto, you will be sorely missed!





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