Sustainable Snacks

I’m currently in my absolute element – I’m spending the weekend away in a beautiful treehouse cabin in the forest for the weekend, and truly thought my life could not get any better right now… until I was informed this morning that bourbons are vegan.


Hold the phone. Bourbons. Are. Vegan. I’m just going to let that information sink in a little whilst I devour the pack that my mum’s lovely friends left behind. And whilst I’m at it, I may as well demolish the Oreos too, right?!


I am so over the moon with this little discovery! I’ve known for a little while that Oreos are dairy-free, (although they don’t tend to advertise this, due to the possibility of cross-contamination of milk during the biscuits’ production), but to find out that my all-time favourite bourbons can be reincorporated into my diet again is definitely a call for celebration! (Conveniently, I have half a bottle of wine that’s calling my name).

This led me onto the realisation that perhaps there are so many foods that I have been avoiding, as I’ve been labouring under the assumption that they’re not plant-based. So I re-discovered Peta’s guide to ‘accidentally vegan snack foods’, which has re-opened my eyes to the wide variety of snacks that I can actually eat. So go check out Peta’s list, and see if your favourite snack is accidentally vegan!


I think it’s a great little tool to bear in mind when you’re doing your shopping, or you’ve got the munchies and need to make that mad dash to the corner shop at 10.58 before it closes. So next time you find yourself in a food decision conundrum (the best kind of conundrum, if you ask me), bear in mind which snacks you could choose that would be environmentally friendly! Oreos and bourbons are by far the best shout in my opinion, but your options are endless – Skittles, Party Rings, Lotus Biscuits, Starburst, Turkish Delight, to name a few… and on that note, I’m off to go and finish the rest of the pack of Oreos in the hot tub with a glass of vino!


Happy Sunday everyone!





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