Firezza’s Vegan Pizza

Holy guacamole! I just stumbled across the absolute BEST vegan pizza in the entire world (or Surrey, cause that’s how far my vegan pizza tasting skills have ventured…). But it was absolutely incredible!


This final stretch of uni has been taking it’s toll on me lately and I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts, so today I decided to take a break from the endless torture (aka revision). I gave myself the evening off, and decided to go and get a pizza and sit down by the Thames and watch the sun go down. I’ve never tried Firezza before, but I saw they had an Easter deal going on, so decided to give them a whirl (£12 for a half metre pizza… I KNOW). Please don’t judge me for the excessive pizza ordering for one person (if you are judging, you know where the exit button is). But I told myself I would save most of it for the next few days’ dinner (the extent of my self-deceit when it comes to food is really quite remarkable).


I ordered a ½ metre pizza, which you can split into two halves. I chose the ‘Create your own’ option for both (you can choose any of their vegetarian options and ask for them to use vegan cheese instead of mozzarella). The first half made up of red onions, sweet red peppers and porcini mushrooms, and the second half of sunblush tomatoes and wild rocket, all of it completely smothered in gorgeous vegan cheese. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever had such a good pizza – it was bloody amazing! All of the individual toppings were each bursting with flavour, complemented perfectly by the rich cheese.

People say they don’t think they’d be able to go vegan because they’d miss cheese too much. Buddy, let me tell you, this cheese today was so rich and creamy and gooey, it completely melted in your mouth, I’m drooling slightly just thinking about it! It was 100% on par with your usual dairy-based cheese – if you gave me a blind taste test I really wouldn’t be able to tell the two apart.


I went and sat down by the river in Staines and devoured as much pizza as my stomach could handle, whilst taking in the gorgeous scenery and really appreciating life. I definitely did get some funny (no doubt envious) looks from people out for their evening run though!


FullSizeRdenderSo if you have a Firezza near you, I would highly recommend them for an amazing vegan pizza experience! They were super friendly and helpful over the phone and the woman in-store was so lovely and chatty. Plus they were amazingly quick – the food was ready 15 minutes after I phoned! So I will definitely be returning (don’t tell my waistline), and testing out the other plant-based options they have available!


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